Historic Codrington College


  • Bequeathed by Christopher Codrington III (1668-1710) to provide for Free-hold Tenants (ex-slaves) and “a convenient number of Professors and Scholars who shall maintain an institution of higher education particularly in the areas of physics, surgery, and divinity” ...


  • The Estate spans approximately 700 acres


  • Administered from 1712 - 1983 by the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (USPG)


  • Now governed by the Codrington Trust Act, 1983-27, Cap, 244 of the Laws of Barbados under legal authority of Board of Trustees primarily appointed by The Church in the Province of the West Indies through its legal organs – the Provincial Synod or Standing Committee

Codrington Trust


Board of Trustees

The College Board

Governance of Codrington College


The Secretariat

Administration and Management


Development Committee

Non-commercial activities of the Codrington Estate

Codrington College

The oldest Theological College in the Western hemisphere, and the oldest tertiary institution in the region. 


Commercial Development

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