Codrington Estates Development Company Limited

Codrington Estates Development Company Limited

Harnessing God's Gifts of land, Water, Sun, and Wind to fuel the development of the Codrington Estates. Codrington Estates is one of the island’s best-known untapped secrets. On the outside, sprawling grounds are enveloped by the serene scene of a pristine lake, with ducks gliding across the surface. The Development Company was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Codrington Trust to develop and manage designated Intellectual and/or Proprietary Rights or Assets.

The Codrington Trust

The Codrington Trust was established in 1983 by an Act of Parliament of Barbados. The Trust serves as the Governing Body of the Codrington Estate, with the power to manage the affairs of the Estate, govern Codrington College and conduct & administer the affairs of the College.

The 7 Trustees, appointed by the Anglican Church in the Province of the West Indies and the Government of Barbados, are advised on academic matters by a College Board of Governors.

The Codrington Trust consists of: The Most Rev’d Dr. Howard Gregory, The Rt. Rev’d Michael Maxwell,
Mr. Rodwell Williams CBE, Mr. Frank James, Mr. David Benjamin, Ms. Waveney Nicholls, Ms. Gabrielle Springer, PS.

The Codrington College

Bequeathed by Christopher Codrington III (1668-1710) to provide for
Free-hold Tenants (ex-slaves) and “a convenient number of
Professors and Scholars who shall maintain an institution of higher education particularly in the areas of physics, surgery, and divinity”.

Administered from 1712 - 1983 by the United Society for the
Propagation of the Gospel (USPG). Now governed by the Codrington Trust Act, 1983-27, Cap, 244 of the Laws of Barbados under legal authority of Board of Trustees primarily appointed by The Church in the Province of the West Indies through its legal organs – the Provincial Synod or Standing Committee.

The Estate spans approximately 700 acres

Barbados, W.I.